I am a 26 year-old midwest transplant based in Marin County, CA. Growing up in an environment that I felt was lacking in natural beauty, I learned to feel for the wonderment and magic of human experience in the mundane, often dreary day-to-day of small-town midwestern suburbia. I became enchanted by things like the quality of light at sunset, the colors, sounds, and smells of summer, and the quiet, beautiful stillness and slowness of winter. In 2015, I discovered that a film camera is an excellent tool for capturing these feelings and perceptions.

When I came to California, I was plainly overwhelmed by all there was to photograph. I still am. I had never seen mountains, proper mountains like those of Big Sur or the Sierra Nevada, until I was maybe 21 years old. I’ve decided that I’m actually quite thankful for that. The child in me is out and about, seeing it now.

I shoot 35mm and medium format film, exclusively, in an effort to best preserve the qualities of texture and atmosphere in the moments I’m attempting to capture. Something about collecting physical samples of actual light, recordings and artificacts of the past on physical photgraphic film... To shoot film is to ask to borrow a tangible fragment of time - and it really is asking, because Lord knows it doesn’t always turn out! Regardless, it has become such an enriching and cathartic process. Unlike modern digital cameras, film cameras are unobtrusive to the moment - far more integrated with the human experience. And the trusty little time capsules never lie. Stay broke, shoot film!

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